What You Should Know about the GXS/OpenText Merger

In January, Data Communication Solutions (DCS) reported the GXS/OpenText merger may affect your business. Since then the transaction became complete. OpenText will create a new “market unit” called Information Exchange, which was GXS. It includes all the GXS products as well as some of the complementary offerings from EasyLink. The next step is to offer you OpenText product such as fax, secure messaging, and information governance. These have been developed for financial, insurance, and educational services.

GXS leading EDI and B2B products, the TrustedLink and BizLink collections are likely to be adapted to become multi-tenant so they can be installed in a cloud service by a provider such as Amazon Web Services. No official announcement of this has been made, but DCS believes it is likely.

We are confident that the TrustedLink and BizLink products will continue to be enhanced to provide better business process automation due to only subset of users will find EDI as a service economical. Second, GXS/OpenText promises there will be no disruption to your system. Yet it is wise to be on alert for possible deterioration in support, because visible EDI occurs with key customers. Support must always be effective, reliable, fast, secure, and economical.

Since 1991, DCS has seen many changes occur as EDI evolved and has experience assisting customers work through acquisitions. As consolidation occurs there are fewer providers in a mature market with downward price pressure. You’ll need to ask yourself, “Will the sales representatives of competing EDI systems and networks have a truly lower cost when the cost of conversion is included?” DCS doubts this because the technology is mature and economies of scale have been met. After changing systems or networks the level of service and cost will likely be the same. However, if you find the cost is lower, consider that “cost savings” likely means “reduced service level.” Specifically, the expensive help desk and professional services teams may have shrunk leaving your calls for help unanswered.

The solution:  DCS offers reliable EDI support: we can help when connections are broken and maps must change. We know your ERP system’s EDI gateway. DCS provides a greater value than help desks that only sees your business as a number. With our help, you will have more time to focus on other challenges and growing your business.

If you have been a GXS customer and have concerns about the acquisition, contact your DCS EDI Specialist or e-mail us at