5 Ways to Achieve Effective Order Processing

As a manager, meeting the demands of key customers while controlling cost is your key challenge. With the added stress of customers who don’t communicate back, comes too many errors producing an incorrect order, delaying payment. When that error has to do with an incorrect price, it needs be resolved for good.

Automation assumes that all the information about the customer and product is correctly entered in the ERP system before the order arrives. With EDI, checking for a correct price or part-number is done automatically when the master data file is accurate. If not, there are delays pulling key customer orders showing an error. Orders are then suspended, costing you money. Now is the time to resolve costly errors and improve your bottom line with EDI.

Achieve effective order processing with:

  1. Inbound orders flowing automatically, clicking on icons goes away.
  2. Part number look-ups, maintained in the business application.
  3. Disappearing chargebacks from ASNs that don’t have a PRO or tracer number.
  4. Message receipts between firewall – EDI – and the application telling you immediately of a breakdown.
  5. An annual mini tune-up. You reduce delays and stress during highly visible shipping crunches for seasonal orders.

Get Started Today

Begin the conversation by talking with your customer service department about what errors are occurring. Listing typical errors and estimated time delays will justify the expense and need of EDI. Learn more about your EDI options with the right help as well as the cost, timeline, and savings with a process assessment. Watch out for costly assessments that take more money out of your pocket. It is important to find an experienced EDI specialist that knows the costs and returns to achieve a ROI of 100%.

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) offers a FREE Assessment of your current process and help your order processing become more effective. With more than two decades of experience with EDI challenges big and small, DCS EDI specialists strive to find and resolve all your errors and help you become self-reliant.

How are you getting cooperation with key customers and account executives?